My Amazing Ladies!!!!!

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  1. Galvchick
    Hello! I'm fairly new to the chicken world, started last April with my first chicks ever! I have an interesting chicken situation in that my friend and I share our flock, we live down the street from each other and so it works out well for us. We started out with 5 chicks, we now have 9 birds...we just can't help it! We have a bit of a smorgasbord of breeds and ages. We have two Barred Rocks, Maude and Gertrude, one Rhode Island Red, Luetta, one Ameraucana, Jolene, one Gold Laced Wyandotte, Ethel, one Silver Laced Wyandotte, Lucille, and the three newest, a Cornish hen, Ingrid, and two unknown chickens, Hilda and Florence(who we suspect is a roo)!!! The original girls have started laying within the last month and a half or so and we're now getting a solid 4 eggs a day!
    The new bunch

    I don't have current pictures of the originals. I will take some and add them tomorrow!

    Here's a more recent picture, the girls love their new roosting bars!
    Everyone except Hilda who is being broody in the hen house, I have moved her to a kennel in the garage, not only is it cold but she had picked everyone's favorite box, and being a newbie everyone pecked off her new feathers that were just coming in since I got her from a friend that was having a problem with her getting in fights and loosing all her feathers.....ugh!


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  1. Kluk-Kluk
    Oh, and I too like the idea of having many different breeds and colors.
  2. Kluk-Kluk
    I'm partial to the Wyandottes. Gorgeous ladies!
  3. lightchick
    All so pretty!
  4. mtchickengal
    Fun! I have one that looks very much like your Jolene....and a few of the others.
  5. Galvchick
    Thank you everyone!! Actually Ingrid just laid her first egg with us today! Its tiny! Our first bantam egg!
  6. CountryGeorge
    I have a chicken named Ingrid--unfortunately he turned out to be a rooster. Ingrid the silkie has a nice ring to it.
  7. ChickyChickens
    Nice chickens!!!
  8. Mellow1
    Your girls are beautiful and look very compfy resting on their new roost!
  9. chickincrazy
    Adorable birds!
  10. pickitfarm
    Beautiful chickens.

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