This year on our 2 year anniversary I told my boyfriend I wanted chicks to raise and keep on this side of the street (the other side of the street is where the barn is). He went and got me 2 (thanks to BYC I now know what kind they are) Silkie/Cochin mix chicks. They are the cutest little things and it is my first time with chicks. For the time being they're inside, well on the porch. I take them out every so often and let them hang out in their "play pen" till they're big enough for the coop he made for them. They were 6 weeks old when I got them Monday July 18th.

*Pretty cheap gift this year huh? Wait till I ask him for a trio of SQ and BQ Silkies in 3 different colors

I NEVER thought I'd be the owner of chickens let alone chicks let alone want to breed them!

Here is a picture of them outside in their play pen: