My Australorp hens are sleeping outside what do i do.

By Barredrock360 · Jan 12, 2016 · ·
  1. Barredrock360
    I think one of my hens are bullying the other hens because there is feathers every where in the coop. Any ideas?[​IMG]

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  1. Barredrock360
    Okay thank you i will try to find out if there is a bully or not, And make sure that they aren't to crowded when their in the nesting space.
  2. chicken4prez
    Separate the hen that is pecking the others. Also, feed your hens eggs. (it helps their feathers grow back in) When you separate the bully hen an other one will dominate and then you'll hopefully be better again!
  3. crazyfeathers
    Do you have enough roosts, space, food, water? I would monitor them and find out what is going on. I check my flock at night to see where everyone is roosting and that gives me an idea if i need to make adjustments. Good luck.
  4. TwoCrows
    You need to ask this question in our chicken behavior section. This is the article section. :) will need to go up at roosting time and see just what is going on. If one is being a bully, you will need to use pinless peepers on her or separate her out of the flock for a while. Never let birds sleep outside. They all need to be in the coop at night. You will need to watch this every night until you get this under control. Good luck! :)

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