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By Kiep-kiep · Sep 18, 2013 · Updated Oct 17, 2013 ·
  1. Kiep-kiep
    Hi everybody. I realy do hope that this mesage do get through to all the chicken lovers. I am strugling to write my own message. i was wondering if there are someone that can help me to type my own story so that everyone can read my story about ' MY AUSTRALORPS'. I started my fkock by buying a few small chicks by a friend. First thing whas to get an idea of what kind of coop i were to build for the chicks. This was not the first time i was having chickens, so i do know somthing about raising chickens, but this was the fist time i had australorps. So i desided that i had to expand my knowlage obout the spesific breed. I scroled the internet and i learned alot about them. This is a very nice breed, i love the colers of these birds when they stand in the sun and the black and green colours shines.I also have a blue australorps rooster. A few months ago i bought my self an home made incubater. This was the start of my new hobby. I started to do research about al the do's and dont's about hatching my own chicks.

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