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By MotherAmanda · Oct 28, 2013 · ·
  1. MotherAmanda
    This chick was meant to have chicks! Currently I only have 3 actual chickens (chicks). But I am a mother to 5 human (chicks). Who knew raising the feathered kind would be almost as rewarding. I love raising chickens! It may only be in my back yard at this point, but it has awakened a dream to own land eventually in hopes to actually start a small hatchery.
    My chickens (until I find more to order) are an Americana, a white Silkie, and I have to say, my favorite, a SL Polish. I started off ordering my chickens by how they looked. They are just pets that hopefully will eventually feed our egg supply, so now, that is how I pick. By the color of the egg. So I am ever searching for neat, unusual colored egg layer. No, before you panic, color and how they look are not the only way I pick, it is just what gets them in the running. Temperament is also a factor. I can't have a bird that is afraid of everything. I have neighbors and other animals they have to tolerate too.
    My other animals include an elder lab, a new Great Pyr puppy (for a fox problem) 2 cats, a screechy Sun Conure and fish (both fresh and salt). I was a proud owner to 2 bunnies until the darn fox got them. There is nothing I love more than sitting outside in the evenings watching my funny farm. My bunnies didn't know they weren't chickens so they were right in the middle of everything. From mowing the grass to venturing to the front yard to see what their humans are doing. They don't miss out on a thing.

    (most of my funny farm)

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  1. BantamFan4Life
    Nice pictures!! :)
  2. hotlantachicken
    I know exactly what you mean, I have one named Edith and she is everything you have said and more. She loves to pose for the camera when i go out to take pictures. And yes they are so very soft. They are a wonderful breed for sure!
  3. MotherAmanda
    Thank you very much! She is my pride and joy! AND SO SOFT! I haven't found mention anywhere that they are sooo much softer than other chickens but OMG! I just love to pet her! I love the way she runs around in her crazy head jerky way always telling me something so important too. And that neck will stretch up almost as tall as me. Now, I am not a tall person, but that's still a lot. Sorry. I could go on and on... I think polishes may be my breed.
  4. hotlantachicken
    wayy cute! Love your silver laced polish!

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