My bantam silkie adventure

By Lin & Hailey · Oct 13, 2018 ·
  1. Lin & Hailey
    I will keep adding stories to this page, so come back once in a while to see any updates.

    I've been looking for some non bearded bantam silkie chicks for a while and in the end I found them!
    I was even thinking about hatching my own, it's hard to find non bearded near where I live.
    The breeder I got them from had them cloaca sexed so I have a 90% chance that they will be hens. I asked her when she would have chicks and they ended up hatching wednesday 10-10 2018. That evening she let me know they hatched and she had hens. I let her know what I wanted en the next day she let me know she had what I wanted. So thursday (11-10-2018) afternoon I went and picked up my first chicks.

    20181011_150519.jpg 20181011_150524.jpg IMG_0126.JPG

    From her paints I got 1 paint and 3 dominant white, i got 2 lavenders and 2 buffs. They traveled well and after a little bit of food and water they went to sleep under the heatplate (see pic above).

    Friday (12-10-2018) I took some time to learn the chicks where the food was, I just tabt at de rim of the foodbowls until they came to look and started to eat. They learned very quickly where there food was.
    The water bottle took a little more time. I put there little beaks against the ball so the got some water, repeated that a couple of times on friday and saturday, and by saturday afternoon all of the chicks drank themselfs. Yeah, smart little chicks!!!


    Today (wednesday 17-10-2018) I lost a little dom white chick, feeling sad about it. She was the smallest of the runt. Yesterday she was fine, ate drank and was active, this morning she was still active and pecking at the food. This afternoon she was cold and about to die, it only took a couple of minutes before she was gone.
    The other chicks are doing very well, I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow.

    Here are some pics (below) from today (thursday 18-10-2018), they got a little more space to run around in. Some had dirty butts as you can see in the pics, they got a bath. The lavenders almost fell asleep, the buff was a fisty little chick. After there bath they went straight under the heater plate and where back to fluffy in no time.
    They have been living here for a week now and they come running if they think I have food for them, so sweet, and it is just there regular chick feed.

    IMG_0149.JPG IMG_0153.JPG IMG_0165.JPG IMG_0168.JPG IMG_0174.JPG IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0180.JPG IMG_0183.JPG IMG_0184.JPG IMG_0186.JPG IMG_0188.JPG

    Bathing the chicks, the lavenders almost fell alsleep, the buff was a fisty little chick. The first lavender chick just drank from here bath water, she realy looks like a drowned chicken.

    20181018_171956.jpg 20181018_172522.jpg 20181018_172953.jpg

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    Very nice. Can't wait to watch them grow and hear their stories!
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