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My Bator

  1. TheNewMrsEvans
    My "Bator"
    (obviously huge thanks to MissPrissy and 77horses and all other BYCers who have helped explain how to make this!)

    I bought a cooler ($7), a bottle lamp kit ($6), picture frame ($3) and the Humidity/Thermometer ($8) at Walmart.
    Then I went to Home Depot for the hardware cloth ($10), hot water heater thermostat ($8), 1/2" pvc and fittings ($4).

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    I went to Smith's grocery to get a plastic egg carton ($3), with eggs of course!
    I had on hand a fan light bulb 25W ($2), airline tubing ($3), aluminum foil, PC fan ($4), AC adaptor ($18) and lamp cord.

    To keep reading go to my "completed bator" page...

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