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My Beautiful Chcikens

  1. LoveChickens123
    'MY BEAUTIFUL CHCIKENS' : Hi i have 7 chickens they are : red sex links black sex links and 1 rooster. We have had them for 7month. We thought we had 2 roo so we made another pen but then we found out there wasn't. i said "well we needed to make another pen anyway cause we have to many!"
    here is some pictures of the chickens : Here are 2 black sex links they are like so fuffly
    all 4 of our red sex links 1 is behind the roo
    this is our rooster it looks like he has a saddle on him

    And one day i came home we found 7or 8 eggs in some bushes:

    i remember when they were so young 7mo. ago:
    my little babies are growen up sad i want little chickes!

    they are just so cute i just can't wait for more

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  1. LoveChickens123
    thanks for telling me that! really good to know :D
  2. bargain
    Hi, based on the color of the two black birds and also those eggs, I think you might have some marans in their bloodlines. Love those darker colors of marans!!!

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