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My Beautiful Flock!

  1. Leah567
    DSC09063.JPG DSC09074.JPG DSC08465.JPG DSC05626.JPG DSC05289.JPG DSC05445.JPG DSC05629.JPG DSC05568.JPG DSC05527.JPG DSC05897.JPG Here are my chickens! I have ten! 2 barred rocks, 2 light brahmas, a white rock, a buff orpington, a golden comet, a black australorp, a Delaware, and an Easter egger. My favorite girl is Ellie, my white rock. I also love my barred rock, matilda. I have 10 chickens, and I will soon be hatching some silkie eggs!! The buff orpington, Clemintine, is top in the pecking order. View attachment 1022605 View attachment 1022555 DSC06834.JPG View attachment 1022573 DSC06800.JPG DSC07061.JPG DSC07115.JPG DSC00807.JPG DSC07190.JPG DSC00285.JPG DSC07183.JPG DSC07187.JPG DSC07672 (3).JPG DSC07654 (2).JPG DSC07677.JPG DSC07691.JPG DSC06322.JPG DSC07252.JPG DSC04821 (3).JPG DSC04795.JPG View attachment 1022579 View attachment 1022579 View attachment 1022579 View attachment 1022579

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  1. Mrs. Light Sussex
    Stunning birds and nice photography.
    Just wondering, do you let the chickens in your vegetable patch? They don't destroy it?
      Leah567 likes this.
    1. Leah567
      Thank you!!! No, :) they just walk through it. Once in awhile they will pull off a few leaves. But they are nothing compared to my goats! My goats tear the plants right out of the roots! Lol!
      Mrs. Light Sussex likes this.
  2. airman711
    Very nice!:celebrate
      Leah567 and The Angry Hen like this.
    1. Leah567
      Thank you!!!!
  3. Leah567
      The Angry Hen likes this.
  4. TwoCrows
    Beautiful pictures!! :love Love the baby on top of the BR, all of them are fabulous!! :love
      The Angry Hen likes this.
  5. Leah567
  6. The Angry Hen
    I love your flock! Beautiful and adorable! Great breeds, all of them!
      Hybridchucks likes this.
  7. Leah567
  8. KikisGirls
    Your chickens are very pretty!
  9. Hybridchucks
  10. Leah567
    Thanks!!!!!!! Their names are: Matilda, Ellie, Blackie, princess, Rebecca, Amanda, Madeline, Bananas, Casey, and abbey
      Hybridchucks likes this.

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