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My beautiful girls!

  1. alexa009
    DSC03403.JPG 1: Casey the production red taking a dust bath, I love that smile!

    2: Here she is quickly alerted by a bird flying by.
    DSC03411.JPG 3: Now they are both looking for grass and bugs.

    A few months later when a black star pullet came to live with us. One of the production reds weren't too happy with that.

    DSC04794.JPG She is a bit curious about the camera.

    DSC05211.JPG Two new chicks arrive in the mail, Amanda the red sex link.
    Rebecca the australorp.
    Here they are growing up.

    DSC07961.JPG Here they are now. I will always love my girls!

    More pics at 17.5 weeks of age.
    DSC08219 (2).JPG
    DSC08206 (2).JPG
    Amanda DSC08223 (2).JPG DSC08307 (2).JPG

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    About Author

    If anyone has any questions about chickens ask me in a pm and I will answer it for you!;)
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  1. TwoCrows
    Just adorable!! :)
  2. Hybridchucks
    I love em! xx
  3. alexa009
    Thank you! Each one has a individual personality.
  4. KikisGirls
    Pretty Chickens!

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