My Beautiful Silkies Hector And Bonnie

  1. christine91129
    Hello I'm Christine, 19 years old and live in Western Australia. Just the story about my chickens :)
    I had been out shopping with my boyfriend when we passed the pet store. To my surprise they were selling little, yellow, baby chicks. I wanted one right there and then but I thought about what they may have needed and decided it would be too hard. The next week I was dead set on getting some chicks so we went back to the same store. Unfortunately, these chicks weren't for sale because they had not been desexed or something. I was highly disappointed so my boyfriend thought up an idea that we just search some sellers on the internet near his house. So off we went to get my little chickens. [​IMG]

    Once we got to the breeder's house I realised I had no idea about anything to do with chickens. She asked me what breed I wanted, what I wanted them for and when she realised I had no idea, she asked me how big I wanted them to get. Living near the city I knew I would be hard to keep large chickens so I just told her I wanted small chickens. She grabbed a few out for me and I fell in love with this little yellow/white chickie. This was Bonnie. I was only going to get the one chicken but she insisted that it would be a better idea to get two, as they get lonely and cry. Not really fussed I decided to get the bigger ugly black one, this was Hector because he was the complete opposite to Bonnie. At first Hector was just chosen as Bonnie's friend and companion. [​IMG]

    Really, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into because I had nothing ready for them. It was all kind of a spur of the moment thing and I thought it would be easy! We went to coles to look for light and I just grabbed some bulbs with an office lamp. Got home, emptied a container, took some lids off of jars and here we had it. A make shift home for my little ones. They were such a joy to watch! Here, I realised I should do some research on them as I would be way to sad if they died. This is where I came across this site which helped me so much! [​IMG]

    5 weeks older and my babies are bigger, I now knew the breed after some research - BANTAM SILKIES and I'm so thrilled!!! They are the cutest fluffiest little joys of my life. Hector has really grown on me because early earn I realised he had a crooked foot. I thought this would mean something really bad and felt so bad :( I even tried sticky taping it straight but could see he was distressed with me touching it. Hector is such a lovely chicken. He/She is a little fatty and much bigger then Bonnie but is so lovely and easy going. Bonnie on the other hand is a little chicken so to speak. Any time she/he hears a noise Bonnie will bolt for cover.She/He is so skittish but when it comes to fighting with Hector, Bonnie will put out his chest and butt it against Hector. I love them so much. They are still quite small for how old they are but you can tell they are developing into such brilliant chickens. Taught them a few tricks to come when I whistle, jump up on me etc. I never thought I would love them as much as I do. I'm so happy to know that they'll live for a long time to come with good care!
    I'm actually not certain if Bonnie is a girl or Hector is a boy but I'm not fussed lol. Bonnie's the white one and Hector's the black one <3


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