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My Best Boy Jagger

  1. Hannah11
    'My Best Boy Jagger!'

    Old English Game bantam (or so I believe)
    2-3 years old
    Adopted him so he wouldn't go in the pot (wouldn't have made much of a meal he's tiny)

    He would have to be the most charming gentleman I have ever met.....
    he taught all of my Ex-Battery hens how to be chickens, He was so delightful to watch teaching them to scratch, dust bath and all other perfect chicken things! It might sound strange but I never saw him mate with them until they were back to full health and fully feathered again.
    he loves sneaking into the house to look for the chicken scrap bin i have to always be on guard! but when he does find it he steps back makes a little noise and all his girls come running in for a treat, he doesn't eat anything until they are done!

    I think he's just darling and handsome! (apart from the time I saw him eat a mouse whole..)




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  1. Yay Chicks!
    What a great story to go along with a handsome rooster!
  2. laurie9503
    I think he's a wellsummer
  3. ChickensAreSweet
    What a nice boy!!!
  4. sophiesmith
  5. Gino1126
    He was just what your battery hens needed and the "good lord" above sent Jagger to the rescue. Way to go Jagger!!!!!
  6. little farmer
    Awww!!! He is gorgeous!!
  7. DaphneNL
    He's a handsome man for sure!
  8. Melabella
    Congratulations! How lucky you both are to have each other!
  9. lindsay297
    If only all males could be this wonderful!! Congrats and gorgeous!!
  10. willowbranchfarm

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