This is my coop, If I could do it again, I would have roosts across the back, lower covered nest boxes, more nest boxes, a taller run that I can stand in, of course it would be bigger, and made of something else or covered in something else due to how bad the wood holds up. Also different type of wood see the last pictures. Also please note I am no longer using this coop due to the problems with raccoons ripping through the wood.

Here is a picture from spring 2009:

and a picture taken 2-15-10 with it's new paint job and snow:

Here is my roosts:

Here is some of my nest boxes, and yes there is 3 cats in them
( they had been dumped by someone and thought the nestboxes where a lovely place to sleep) and a WL in the first picture:

and this is what I call the coffin nest box made by me and my horrible construction skills and no sawing, using scrape wood that was laying around. (sorry it is really dirty in this picture):

The damage to the wood by a raccoon (?):

And the Repairs 11/20/10:

And what appears to be the latest attempt to break in: