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By sassysarah · Jun 27, 2017 · Updated Jun 28, 2017 ·
  1. sassysarah
    I love my two Brahma pullets, Amy and Cindy. I ordered them from Chickens for Backyards hatchery as one day old chicks.
    Then the post office gave me a call at about 6:30 am in the morning letting us know that our chickies had arrived in mail! The box was sitting next to a box with other chicks also! So we brought them home, opened the box and and saw the two little cotton balls in there... Lol! They were so adorable! I already had the bin, food, heat lamp etc.. So in places them in the bin taught them how to drink and let them get used to their new place. 469576 (1).jpg
    Here is Amy on my blanket! Lol. I had some trouble with Cindy. I couldn't figure out if she was a pullet or a cockerel.. But luckily she's a pullet! They are both almost 5 months now! Here are some pics....
    This is Cindy...
    I could always tell them apart when they were younger because when I would pick up Cindy she would make a little noise. She's has made that funny sound ever since she was one day old, she still makes it to this day! Lol. But now Cindy is larger than Amy, and her face is more mature. Which Amy used to be bigger when they were younger. DSC08618.JPG
    LOl! I buried Cindy!

    Cindy is more of a lap bird than Amy is and would much rather be held. Also Cindy has trouble flying she's so big! So I don't have to worry about her getting over the fence! Few!
    On the chicken coop!
    @The Angry Hen was so kind to edit this pic for me!
    Amy again!

    IMG_20170616_074156_kindlephoto-24519782.jpg 469576.jpg DSC08618.JPG IMG_20170516_151838_1.jpg

    IMG_20170616_073006.jpg IMG_20170516_151154.jpg IMG_20170504_161908.jpg
    Any is a bit younger in this pic..
    Cindy is younger here..

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  1. Hybridchucks
    So cute!
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    1. sassysarah
      Thank you! I love them both!
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  2. Whittni
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    1. sassysarah
      Thanks! They are my sweeties!
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