My broody Venture is the first broody I have had in about 4 months (that is a long time for me)!

About 3 weeks ago, she started disappearing once a day, and then she would appear again a little bit later! Then one day, she was gone...and never came back!!

About 2 weeks later, I had to empty the dust bin into the bigger dutbin outside (where we burn all of our rubbish)! I emtied all the contents of our 7 (yeah...7) dust bins in our house into the "outside dustbin" and lit it!!

I saw this brown thing move, and thought it was a rat. About 3 minutes later she (Venture) ran out of the bin screaming (she was nearly burnt)! I quickly hopped into the dustbin and took her eggs out! After the fire finished burning, I put her eggs back in the nest and she climbed (more like hopped) back in and carried on brooding!

Now, a week later she is inside, with her chicks!! All happy!!! Here are some pics:

Her, and the first 2 that hatched!

Another hatched, and then she had 3!

My favorite, the brown one named Brownie!

Venture, with Brownie and another one that is nameless!

2, that are both nameless.

Brownie and "nameless".


Brownie, and the 2 no names!

The 4th one to hatch, named Peaches!

Some nice close-up's of Brownie!

Venture loves to watch my every move...epecially when I'm on BYC!

Peaches, just after she/he hatched!

The group!


Making sure the chisk are not in danger!

The last one to hatch!

Some more close-ups!

Mommy went to go and make a poop!

The 5th one, nameless as well!

Close up!!

Hope you guys enjoy the pics!!! Will try and get more pics of the upcoming broodies!! There are 4 left, and will most probably be more!