My Buff Orpington Attacked Me!

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    So I have two chickens which one of them is a Buff Orpington and is named Pip. I have had her for a little over a year now and is a pullet for sure. One day I was in the coop and while i was holding her (she was facing my face) she pecked me on the lip really hard. At first I thought it was an accident because she has never done that before and I thought there must’ve been something on my face. When I sat her down she went after my finger and would not let go! I got my finger away after struggling for a solid ten seconds and stood up. She then puffed out her feathers and started to charge me. I pushed her with my boot back but she still kept coming so I picked her up and gave her a couple hard pats on the back saying bad chicken. She is now locked in the coop as punishment for a bit until she cools down. My other chicken, Nugget watched the whole thing and ran away. She didn’t seem interested in fighting or staying for the whole scene. Like I said I only have two chickens and I feel bad for Nugget if I let her sleep by herself so I will let Pip out in a little while. Anyways I thought Buff Orpingtons we’re friendly and especially hens. This is the first time a hen has ever attacked me. Nugget and Pip were both handled a lot as babies and up until this point were supper friendly. I go out with them everyday and spend time with them. They are easy to pick up and hold. Nugget is still friendly but what happened to Pip?! What should I do, is this normal?

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