My Chick Saga

By bowlingsf · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. bowlingsf
    I knew when I returned from the deep woods of New York state I was changed. while there for a wedding, I stayed with my brother. When we were kids, we had a lot of chickens. And geese. A horse. Dogs. Corn.
    But it was the chickens I grew the closest to. And when I stayed with him in New York, he had again gotten some hens and a rooster and three ducks.
    I was smitten.

    Now home, I realied I really had to have them again. And so this is where the blog begins. I researched and wrote friends and visited others. finally, I got he kids involved, and then I oreder 4 chicks. They arrive in a month. They ahven't even been laid yet. I'm like an expectant mother. I dream about the coop Im going to build in my backyard. I live within the city limits, so I have to make sure the hens don't wander and bother anyone.

    I'll be back after our vacation in a week. I'll be beside myself waiting!

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