My chicken coop!

By frostic · Jul 30, 2018 · ·
  1. frostic
    So i built my coop with salvage wood, a metal frame and chicken wire scrapes.
    since I live in california where lots of birds of prey are i gave it a tin roof that i found in my backyard after i moved in. it is 7x4x22ft. has door that swings both directions (in and out)
    features 2 nesting boxes that are removable, each box has 2 nests.
    door that can be opened to get eggs and maintain the coop.
    I have a small backyard so this is the coop with the run attached.
    this coop only cost me $10 to build. had to buy nails and screws XD

    IMG_0692.JPG IMG_0692.JPG IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0700.JPG IMG_1413.JPG IMG_1416.JPG IMG_1418.JPG IMG_1422.JPG coop1.jpg IMG_1412.JPG 1347310-e3ff87dcda848019b68325ebdacb67cf.jpg 1347313-2a898244b944d4814c4fe1b9be3616b9.jpg 1347314-1c0796cecff3a7f1df9cd3aa9dde4d35.jpg

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  1. click cluck
    "So cute! Love it!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 30, 2018
    This is great! I wish I could say I only spent 10$ on mine, oh my lol. I will agree that you should put some bigger roosts in, You can sand down the edges of a 2x4 and put that in, have them perch on the wider part. I know how much work building a coop is, we have built 2! One 8'x16' and the other 4'x7'. Its a loooot of work!!! Great build and pictures!
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    1. frostic
      if you look close there is 2 (2x4s painted white) and 3 broom handles that are for perching on. i'm just not good at taking pictures
  2. N F C
    "$10 Coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 30, 2018
    Thanks for sharing your coop and showing others coops don't have to cost the equivalent of a 2nd home mortgage.
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  3. MROO
    "Bargain Budget Coop & Run"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 30, 2018
    Great pics & a great reuse of found and leftover materials. You may want to put in some wider roosts (at least sideways 2X4s) but otherwise it's a great little set-up. Your budget-friendly coop is liable to get some people thinking about doing the same, so adding some how-to pointers would be a big help to someone wanting to attempt scrapping together something similar on their own. Very cool!
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    1. frostic
      what do you mean by adding more roosts? the coop is 4 feet wide and i put old broom handles(4 of them) through the fence
      i guess you cant see them from my pictures. I had to barrow a camera from a friend to take pics. I'm no photagrapher lol


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  1. N F C
    Amazing how using what you have on hand can impact the total cost of the coop!
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