Well, I have officially owned chickens now for 4 months and I love it. I have been learning which breeds that I really like, and which ones I'm not liking so much. Cochins have definitely become one of my favorite breeds and I now own Splash, Mottled, White, Barred, as well as 3 Frizzles, one white, one red, and one black. I have my eggs layers, my 4-H birds, my project birds, and the ones that are just pets. I'll list the birds I have on here. Come next Spring when they are laying and producing fertile eggs I plan to auction some and sell some too. Of course, how many I auction or sell will greatly depend on how many my girls lay. I'll also have chicks for sale come late Spring, early Summer of 2010. Here are the birds I have currently:

Barred Cochins- Buddy and Petunia White Cochins- Elvis and Priscilla Splash Cochins- Abner, Dora, Peanut, Princess and Lizzy Mottled Cochins- Pebbles and Bam Bam
Frizzled Cochins- Q-tip (white), Ruby (red), and Happy Onyx (black)

Golden Sebright roo- Pip
Golden Sebright/? mix roo- Pepsi
Mille Fleur d'Uccle hen- Millie
Black Silkie mix hen-Fannie
Buff Orpingtons- Mojo (roo), Hailey, Hilary, and Ginger

White Silkies- Hector, Heidi, and Holly

Standard Breeds
Cuckoo Maran Roo- Mystery
Black Autralorp hen- Jersey
Araucaunas hens- Twinkle and Sprinkle
EE hen- Misty
Silver Laced Wyandotte hens- Sir (yes, it's a girl!), Annie, Zorra, and Button
Golden Laced Wyandotte hen- Goldie
Amber Sexlinks- Poachy and Omelet
Partridge Turken Roo- Ollie

Mallards- Jesse and Marion

I plan to have the following eggs and chicks available in the Spring/Summer of 2010:

White Silkies, Bantam Buff Orpingtons, Cochins of several different colors
Sebrights, EE, SLW, Naked Neck, and more

I also will have fertile Mallard duck eggs, Button Quail eggs, and Button Quail chicks, upon request.
What I will have to offer will be contingent on what my girls will lay. Pricing to be announced. Most of my birds are pet quality, though some are possibly show quality.