Some of my favorites....

"Cami" was a Campine (she loved taking dirt baths under the apple tree. She also loved to get out and root through the garden leftovers for worms, snails and other tasty treats. She was an excellent forager and laid gorgeous creamy white eggs that were shaped like a teardrop. Like a true lady, she never did tell me her age.


"Buttercup" (above and below) is an EE hen with 5 toes on each foot. She is super friendly and one of my favorites! She lays beautiful small, pinkish/tan eggs about 3 times a week and hatched some eggs last spring. She is a WONDERFUL MOTHER HEN!

"Frankie" (above with girls by the apple tree and below) was an Easter Egger rooster who loved to crow. We had too many roos at the time, so we rehomed this little sweety. He had lost his rank and was demoted to private when we aquired a new roo and was harassed quite a bit. He was the loudest, but he was the sweetest too. I was sad to see him go, but felt better knowing he went to live with two little kids who just love him.


We also had a breeding pair of Old English Game bantams.
"Kellogg" was a Ginger Red roo
"Stella" was a BB Red hen
I hatched several babies from the eggs and they were so beautiful! Wish I still had some. :O(


The birds were sex linked. All of the females were buff colored with a black tail and the boys were vibrant just like the fellow below.