I have a small flock of backyard bantam chickens. My little flock is quite varied with many different breeds (often only 1 of a particular breed):
Penny - mixed white phoenix cross bantam
Little Red Hen- Old English cinn. bantam
Cindy- Wyandotte black and white speckled full sized hen
Shirly- Wyandotte black and white speckled full sized hen. Cindy is her sister. Shirly is blind and requires special care.
Sebright- Golden sebright pullet
Silkie - buff silkie "peanut" with attitude!
some other breeds: Serama silkied and straight feather, Nankin, Dutch, Old English in various colors, Belgian D'Anvers, Belgian D'Uccle and Cochins.
I am specializing in also raising Button Quail, Cochin and Seramas.

I love fancy bantams and often will have chicks for sale in summer. I also have Button Quail, Gouldian Finches, Eclectus parrot and lots of spotted little equines!