I currently own 4 silkies (grey hen, black hen, white hen, buff rooster) and 2 frizzled pekin bantams (white, hopefully hens).
Buff Rooster (Billy Bob): (still young)

Black Hen (Pepper): (with her two chicks - they are both grown up roosters now)

White Hen (Lucy): (we had some rain which is why her topknot is a bit dirty)

Grey Hen (Gretta): (buff roo in background - both still young)

White Frizzle Hen (Charlotte): (on left)

White Frizzle Hen (unnamed): (on left. she has a feather deformity due to having 2 copies of the frizzle
gene - it was an accidental hatch when the owner was away for a few weeks)

Random Pics: (Click on Thumbnail for larger view)