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  1. CluckyChuckCrazy
    18th September 2010

    I did only start with 1 chuck last year (thanks to liam my 5 yr old). A family friend has chickens and he took liam to see them on a regular basis and like 5year old's do he got hooked on them to the point he was nagging me and my hubby for a chicken. We went to a local agricultural show which happens every year and bought our first chicken a Columbian Blacktail hybrid she is a lovely bird lays us 1 eggs a day everyday he named her charlie. Obviously Charlie need a couple of friends so we got her 2 cochin's and 3 silkies (all 7 weeks old)

    Sadly we lost 2 of the silkies to marek's disease, 1 ended up being a cockeral and had to be rehomed as we cannot keep cockeral's at our home. So we were left with Charlie and the 2 cochin's and my hubby decided he would like to go and look at different breeders big mistake lol we bought 2 more! when the cochin's reached 11months old one of them which we thought was a hen found his voice and turned out to be a boy. I really didnt want to have to rehome him but the neighbours moaned about him ;-( we found a lovely woman about 25miles away who was looking for a splash cochin cockeral just mine (who i named Socks) and that was that he was boxed up and went off on his journey his is now running around 3 acres of farmland with 3 hens loving every minute i still miss him.
    Our flock has now had to be moved to a local farm we are only allowed 6 chickens in our back garden as we live in a council house and have now got 25 chickens OOPS.

    we currently have the following:
    1 x Gold Laced Wyandotte
    1 x Black Cochin
    2x Buff Cochin
    1x Columbian Buff Brahma
    1x Silver Blue Brahma
    2x Vorwerk
    1x Columbian Black Tail (Charlie)
    1x Black Silkie ( my mums Chuck)
    1x White Silkie
    2x White Sultan
    1x White Orloff
    1x Cochin Frizzle
    2x Transilvanian Naked Neck Frizzle (1 cock 1 hen)
    1x Appenzeller Spitzhauben
    1x Lavender Araucana
    1x Black Pekin (think its going to be a boys only 3 weeks old at min)
    1x Light Sussex ( Mum's chuck)
    1x Poland
    1x Cuckoo Maran
    1x Lavender Pekin
    1x Buff Pekin

    We are wanting to start breeding aswell so without a doubt will ennd up having quite a few more :) i love every minute of it thankyou Liam xxx

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