I am 18 years old and I was (and I say 'was' because CE made us get rid of them and here is why
)raising chickens and ducks with my 9 siblings (including the 3 year old).
Aren't they cute?

I live in a suburban city where it is legal to keep chickens (code officer admitted it in a deposition) but one neighbor doesn't like my family so she sued us in a nuisance lawsuit for 2 million dollars. The judge refused to hear any of our motions and even declared a Physics book hearsay (we were showing how sound travels and how it cannot be louder than 10 decibels in her house) and she ruled against us giving us only 10 days to get rid of them.
What is most annoying is that in all of the depositions of the witnesses we proved that they were lying and the judge still took their testimony, but our witnesses were not listened to at all!
In the depositions all they had to say was how awful we are and what horrible people we are, they didn't have much to say about chickens.
I know that it is all about racism because she has called us the 'N' word many times and we even have recordings of it!
and there are many other families in Hollywood that keep chickens, here is a news story, they interviewed other families with chickens.
Code Enforcement has even been to her house! there is a video somewhere, it was aired many times.


We are going to appeal but for now I only have my chickens in pictures

Here is a picture of our first chicks...


We did own 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats, Bambi(black and white) and Blossom (all black)
But we had to sell them because they were eating the fruit trees.



I have lots of studies and things that can help you fight your city for your right to keep chickens, so if you need anything ask me! I may have done they leg work already. For an example if someone is complaining that your chickens are too loud you can see how loud they really are on their property!
My leghorn hen at the peak of her egg song is: 78 Db (decibals)

Average clucking is around: 60-63 Db
A wood privacy lowers the sound by: 15 Db

The EPA Identified that noise of 55Db outside and 45 Db inside is annoying.

Here is a decibel calculator so that you can see if it bothers your neighbor for real or if they are just being a pain.