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By erin0415 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. erin0415
    My Chickens
    I am working on getting a flock that lays a wide variety of different colored eggs. Due to a dog attack I am down to mostly white egg layers. (Not that it matters right now- everyone is moulting and no one is laying.)
    Standard Breeds
    Bertha is an Easter Egger. She lays pretty green eggs. When she was laying she layed almost every day.
    This is Pocahontas. She is an Ancona. She is a curious chicken, who flits around everywhere.
    Thelma is a Golden Polish. She lays tiny white eggs. She can't see to well because of her afro. It makes her act a little confused sometimes, and she is easy to sneak up on.
    Molly is a Dark Red Ghan Asil. She is a very nosy chicken, too.
    006-2.jpg Cali is a California White Leghorn. She is currently sitting on 2 cuckoo marans, 3 spitzhaben, 1 egyptian fayoumi, and one brabanter egg. They are due to hatch December 3. She has been a good momma sitting. Hopefully, she will be a good momma when they hatch.
    These 2 pullets are Jigglypuff and Kirby. they are buff orpingtons. 017-a.jpg
    018-Copy.jpg Betsy is a Barred Rock.
    These are my 2 Sumatra roos, Ugly & Uglier. They have actually become a little prettier since they were named.
    Bantam Breeds
    006.jpg This is my white bantam cochin pullet, Fluffy. She is a new addition. She came with her friend Drumstick, a bantam cornish hen 028-1.jpg
    chicken3.jpg chicken2.jpg
    This is Peewee, a Old English Game Bantam. She is sweet, and likes to be held.

    Here are pics of my Silkie babies. They are 6 weeks old here. Names are subject to change.
    010.jpg This is Loco, my cuckoo silkie. She is smaller than the rest, and the only one to have light eyes.
    This is Puff, a buff silkie. She is the puffiest of all my silkies, thus the unique name. 015.jpg
    024.jpg This is Pinky, a blue splash silkie. She has a pink toe on each foot.
    This is a dark silkie. Not sure if it is black or something else. Doesn't have a name yet. 030.jpg
    034.jpg This is Spike, a white silkie. I'm almost positive he is a boy. I was confused about his coloring, because he started out blue until his feathers came in.
    This is Crooked Bill. He is black with a gray chest. 042.jpg
    040.jpg This is another buff baby. I'm thinking this one is a boy, too.
    Here is another splash baby, or maybe light blue. This one is still nameless too. 047.jpg
    051.jpg This is Jorge, a black silkie. He is the heaviest of all the silkie babies. Too many tortillas!!
    This is Stripe, a white silkie. He has a nice mohawk. 056.jpg
    This is Blue, a blue silkie.I think a boy. He likes to spar. 057.jpg
    This is Baldie, a buff silkie who has a head problem. Her feathers are starting to fill in now, though. 060.jpg
    This is Charlie Four Toes, a blue splash silkie. He has only 4 toes on his right foot. He can't stay still, but is one of my favorites. 066.jpg

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