My Chickens- By RoostersAreAwesome *UNDER REPAIR*

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  1. RoostersAreAwesome
    The Rooster Flock-

    Name: Griffin
    Age: About 1 year
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Faverolle mix

    Name: Finny
    Age: Finny was hatched on May 22, 2016
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Finny's mother was a Japanese bantam crossed with an OEGB/bantam leghorn. His father was a Japanese bantam.
    IMG_20170715_174142724.jpg IMG_20170715_174156453.jpg
    Finny is the brother of Huckleberry and the half-sibling of Chesta and Rosey. He is the second highest ranking roo in my rooster flock. He is a sweet rooster, but timid. Finny and Huckleberry are best friends.

    Name: Domino
    Age: 5-6 months
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Standard Dominique
    Domino is from someone who didn't want him because he attacked their ducks and was aggressive toward their old hen. Domino acts boldly/semi-aggressively to me, so I think he might start acting aggressive. I have already started training him not to be aggressive toward people.

    Name: Lupin
    Age: About 16 weeks
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Standard barred cochin
    View attachment 1138451
    View attachment 1138454 IMG_20170711_195724714.jpg
    Lupin is sweet, timid, gentle, and curious. He is the second lowest ranking rooster in my rooster flock. I got Lupin from someone when he was only 5 weeks old. He was lonely, so I got him a companion, a little OEGB named Chipmunk. Chipmunk recently died, which made Lupin sad.

    The Hen Flock-

    Name: Eagle Eye
    Age: About 2 years
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Bantam brahma
    Eagle Eye is a pretty easy going hen. I got her from the bantam bin at TSC.

    Name: Raspberry
    Age: About 2 years
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Bantam rhode island red
    Raspberry is a loud, complaining hen who always wants food. I got her from the bantam bin at TSC.

    Name: Pepper
    Age: About 2 years
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Bantam cochin
    Pepper is a flighty cochin hen who doesn't like being held. She went broody once, and probably would have been a good mother if her eggs had hatched. I got her from the bantam bin at TSC.

    Name: Crystal
    Age: About 2 years
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Bantam Cochin
    Crystal is a very flighty cochin hen who despises being held. She has went broody at least two times. I got her from the bantam bin at TSC.

    Name: Olive
    Age: About 1 year
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Faverolle mix
    Olive is curious, mischievous, and loud. I got her from someone who didn't want their chickens anymore. Griffin and Olive are siblings.

    Name: Rosey
    Age: Rosey was hatched on May 22, 2016
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Same as Finny
    Rosey is a feisty hen, but is on the bottom of the pecking-order. She is the half-sibling of Huckleberry, Finny, and Chesta. She is very easy to handle, if I can catch her!

    Ares' Pen-

    Name: Ares (formerly Napoleon)
    Age: About 6 months
    Gender: Cockerel
    Breed: Old English game bantam
    IMG_20170917_162556592.jpg View attachment 1143481
    Napoleon is bold and slightly aggressive towards me. He thinks he is the biggest rooster in the world. I got him from someone who can't keep roosters.

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    Finny reminds me of BlackJack because of his shape, but I think Lupin is the cutest.
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  2. feather16
    What a lovely and fun flock(s) you have! Those boys sure are beautiful.
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  3. N F C
    Beautiful boys! Thanks for sharing them with all of us :D
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  4. SilkiesInSuburb
    Very cute roosters! It's nice to see someone who likes the boys. (Don't tell anyone, but they're probably my favorite ones.)
      RoostersAreAwesome likes this.
    1. RoostersAreAwesome
      The roosters are my favorite too! :) How many have you got?
    2. SilkiesInSuburb
      I had three silly silkie boys... but all of them passed away. I still miss them so much!
  5. FrankieDoodle
    Cool! Can't wait until it is finished! :D
    1. RoostersAreAwesome
      It's finished!
      FrankieDoodle likes this.
    2. FrankieDoodle
      Nice! I love your chickens, they're so cute!

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