My chickens don't want to roost

By Susan48 · Aug 9, 2013 · ·
  1. Susan48
    Our 6 girls are 13 weeks old and doing very well. One problem we have encountered is that they will not roost in their home, but prefer to crowd together in the two nesting boxes.
    We bought one of those self contained chicken pens and added on to the outside run, making it substantially larger. The two roosts in the house are very close to the bottom of the upper pen. Could the roosts be too low for them? Because of the construction of the house, raising the roosts will present a problem, but we are concerned about the time when they begin laying eggs. We are not even sure they will lay eggs in the nest boxes as that is where they sleep. Is lack of roosting a problem??? Not sure what to do - can someone offer some suggestions. Thanks!!!

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  1. mickey416
    we have buff orpingtons and we are seeing the same behavior. If you can handle your chickens, we have been sitting three or four on the roost, pet them gently on the back and they will settle down on roost. Some will jump down after you walk away but some will stay. we now have three or four that will get up on the roost now. just be patient, it will happen.
  2. dldolan
    I often find that the pullets will spend 2-3 months in the nest boxes until they start laying and move up in the ranks. You could try shutting up the nest boxes at night, but if they are with older birds, you might just have to wait it out. I have never had one yet that didn't "move on" when it was time. Annoying, yes. Permanent, probably not unless they are silkies!
  3. Whittni
    ^ this is true.
  4. desertegg
    I've heard people say that the roosts should be higher than the nest boxes. They do seem to want to find the highest place to roost/sleep.

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