My baby chicken's first room is two big plastic storage boxes. First i used one and next day i used another one. The 10 black chickens are in one room. and the rest of them are in the second room. I also put a lights to keep them warm.

My second room is still indoor. It is covered by a night stand. i just put screen arround four sides. It's simple and looks good.

My third room is out door at the front deck.
My chicken is getting bigger and bigger because they are always hungry and non-stop eating. Now they need bigger space. I use the closet shelf divider made a square chicken run in my frond deck. It's 6 times bigger than the previous house. My girls are very happy with their new running place. They can feel free to stretch their legs and winds.
I also put a big brown box coved with stredded paper inside the chicken run in case there is too cold or hot outside so that my my girl can go inside to keep themself warm or cold down. An auto water feeder is there all day to provid enough water for them. At night i still have to move all of them inside the house to keep them warm. My dog Sammy also very excited to see chickens all moved to their new house.

Now I put them to the fourth room. It's outside with a little running space and dirt. They can find something on the ground like warm and bugs. They love it. It is still a little too small for them. But i have a big backyard. I will try to build a nice house for them. That will be their fifth house and perminent house...My next project is on the list!

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