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By jeds chickens · Dec 28, 2013 · Updated Dec 28, 2013 ·
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    I am very knew to the chicken industry and am still learning. I have four red star or red sexed link hens. I got the feeling of getting chickens when my grandma, (who has been in the free ranging chicken industry her whole life), got her batch of 50 or so chicks. I had not had a pet for awhile, besides the fish, they were cute and looked fun. Then our family decided to get rid of our pool. When we got rid of it I asked my mom if we get chickens and put them in the pool fence. She said if I did some research and put the effort to raising them and contribute a little money i could get some chickens. I already knew a little about chickens because I work for a farm down the road and I have chored their 20 or so chickens, ducks, and turkeys. With the help of this website and some help from grandma and my neighbors helped me get a coop. I had already chosen my breed but getting 3 chickens was hard. With some help from a lady at our church we were going to get three hens. We got four because we were afraid 2 might gang up on one. We got the chicks at a week old in late July. WE named them Chicken Jane, BC (backup chicken because we were gonna get 3) grettle,and leane (after my grandma).
    Of course they were cute and funny but not very friendly. Nothing major happened until there was a hawk attack in 10/9/13. My mom saw it happened. None were hurt and they were smart and 2 ran in the coop and another two ran in a hidden hole I made. My mom went out and scared it away thankfully. They didn't move the rest of the day. We got a big net. Chicken Jane got sick with a breathing problem but got better,(with a little help from mom's homemade remedy). They started laying at 19 weeks and have been laying non stop, with 3 exceptions, 4 eggs a day. They are very friendly now, so I pet them as often as i can, and looking very nice and staying plenty warm with the heat lamp. Would definitely recommend red star hens
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