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By ChicknsRock · Dec 3, 2013 · Updated Jan 11, 2014 · ·
  1. ChicknsRock
    Hey! These are just some of my feathered friends. Later I will make another article on them but for now:
    Cinnaman, my 6-month old cockerel. He is a funny little boy. Sometimes he can be quite comical.

    Licorice, my free-range cockerel that hatched out this year. Licorice is a handsome gentleman whom all the ladies like. [​IMG]
    Abednego, another 2013 cockerel on his "perch". Abednego can be a fighter; he and Rio don't get along too well.
    Banjo ( left) and Mesha ( right). They are also very young. Banjo and Mesha are the sweetest little chickens!
    Banjo at three months in our pear tree.
    Banjo. She's very photogenic.
    We adopted Sylvia when we saw her wandering around the neighborhood. She is so sweet!
    Hoss the rooster on his coop.
    Rio, Banjo's brother, who is very shy of getting his picture taken...
    Inkspot in the hay barn. Inkspot is a little like his brother Cinnaman, a handsome rooster but very silly.
    Grapeface, the mother of Mesha and Abednego.
    Bumblebee, Inkspot's bro.
    Bumblebee's twin, Penguin.
    These pictures were taken in about 2008. Most of those roosters aren't here anymore. :(
    Cinnaman, Bumblebee,and Chickadee taking a good 'ol dust bath!

    And those are some of my chickens!!! [​IMG]

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  1. chickenneighbor
    Wow! How many hens do you have for all those beautiful roos?
  2. ChicknsRock
    It's funny, our hen Cupcake hatched 6 roosters and 1 hen, and her daughter Maria hatched 5 hens and 1 rooster. :D I have more roos than hens.
  3. roostersandhens
    Lovely Flock!
  4. ChicknsRock
    Thank you! Those are just some of my chickens. :) I have about twenty more.
  5. sandovaljose214
    thank u they are some of the most preetyest chickens
  6. ChicknsRock
    Thanks sandovaljose214!
  7. sandovaljose214
  8. MyPetNugget
    Nice chickens! I especially like Banjo and Mesha- soo pretty!
  9. ChicknsRock
  10. cackleberrycam
  11. ChicknsRock
    Thank you.
  12. roostersandhens
    So sad you left BYC, I will miss seeing pictures of your great flock.

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