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By :D chicken · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. :D chicken
    Hey everyone! I have recently rehomed my two roosters to a farm near mount sigh that has twenty hens and only my roos with about 75 cows and several cats that all get along so they r in paradise but no longer living with me i have my 4 hens.
    Here are some recent photos of my chickens!
    Sparky [​IMG] (rehomed roo[​IMG]noooo!)

    Here is Lizzie[​IMG]
    Here is Dizzy[​IMG]

    Here is Indiana[​IMG]
    And Dottie! (rehomed roo[​IMG]*sniffle sniffle*)
    Hope u like my babies! look for my posts and check out my other pages! bye!

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