chicks are very sneaky. I had them out in the morning to "free range" and they got into my Bleeding Heart, I caught them one-at-a-time called them by name and they stopped and went away.
Later in the evening , my friend Nancy and my grandaughter, Alli were outside and I went to feed the chicks. I went into the cage and got the jug, I left the gate open; the girls followed me out and as soon as they saw me go into the porch to get food and they made a bee-line to that bleeding heart and grabbed a quick snack before I came back out. When I came out, they made their way away from the flower, with a little herding. Nancy was laughing loudly with Alli and they told me how funny it was.
They seem real happy in the coop my brother, Jim, helped me build. He actually did all the work, I was the gofer and the support person. I was impressed, I had drawn a rough sketch of what I wanted. Went to lumberyard and asked for damaged wood.Picked the boards that I thought I would need. I paid full price for one item; the4x8 sheet of plywood was it but they cut it in half longways so I had 2 2x8 sheets. I could fit it all in my Sunfire. Along with the sheet of metal roofing that was extra and returned, it too was half price. I used the 8x6 dog kennel that was in my yard and build my coop inside. The left front panel comes off the get to expected eggs and for cleaning. I have a heart-shaped rock thing at the entrance. My perch is a1" dowel rod, put through the handle of 2 milkjugs full of water. That works well and is portable.
Jim looked at my drawing and asked for a tape measurer and away we went. In just about an hour and a half, I had a new coop. My brother was amazing, the thing looks like my drawing and I had 2 pieces of wood left-over.