[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Hi! This is my rather tall and skinny chicken coop. [/FONT]We cannot allow the chickens to free-range anymore as we have 3 Coopers' hawks that love to hang out in our avocado trees. One fatality was enough for me! So we've built "Chicken Dome"... our run. It's 24-feet x 16-Feet. Each PVC has been attached to the sides of the run in 3 places..the shade cloth attached with numerous wire ties and also sewn with nylon monofilament. The picket fence is lined with 1/4-inch wire cloth and the "daylight" portion between the shade cloth and fencing is extra heavy bird netting. So far two storms with tremendous winds ... yay! it held up great!!
Current flock: 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 EE's, 1 White Cochin, 1 Dark Brahma, 2 Blue Silkies, and a Houdan.