My Chicks

By CheeksFarm · Jul 10, 2018 · ·
  1. CheeksFarm
    My Chicks i have left out of my 2nd hatch.
    Their Father is pictured as well
    Their Father is a Beautfuil White Americana the mother is a brown colored Salmon flavorelle. They turned out to be so beautiful!
    0709181858_HDR.jpg 0709181858_Burst01.jpg 0709181906_HDR.jpg 0709181856c_HDR.jpg 0709181853_HDR.jpg 0705181804a.jpg 0705181803c.jpg 0709181847a.jpg Resized952018051595194026.jpg

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  1. MROO
    Very Pretty Birds!
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    2. CheeksFarm
      omg ! lol i gotta to see that !
    3. CheeksFarm
      yeah his favorite chick that he always messes with him names him different names . like blue
      it the one in the picture with the others but hes got a red comb wattles hes a leghorn mix

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