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By jns3803 · Apr 20, 2015 · Updated Apr 20, 2015 · ·
  1. jns3803
    Well I am a complete City girl right out of Astoria Queens Ny. I moved to Fl about 12 years ago and now my husband decided he wanted a house with land so that out dogs could have room to run. That was fine until he started getting all the animals… it all started with our Goat Kronos. He is a Fainting Goat which is kinda neat. Then he got an alpaca which he names Hercules. Easter was coming and me and my bright ideas said hey let’s get the kids some baby chicks for the kids and raise them for eggs they can be another pet.

    We started off with 12 chicks unfortunately we are now down to two left (we had an unfortunate accident)
    Now I am so crazy over these little babies I want more and I can’t wait to watch them grow up and see if they will be roosters or hens. I can sit and watch the two that I have left right now for hours. I take them outside for about a half an hour each night to stretch their wings. They have a blast playing in the dirt and eating the little bug they find. Its funny cause I never thought in a million years that I would ever own chickens, Heck I never thought I would own any of the animals that I have now.

    The two little one that I have now I believe the little brown one is an Easter Egger and I Have totally forgotten the breed of the other. One thing that I am gonna want to remember when I get some more babies. But I can wait to take this journey with them and the other babies that will be one there was soon. I have been reading up on chickens as much I cold in the past couple of week between reading e books and watching youtube videos. I keep hearing that owning chickens become very rewarding especially if you raise them from babies because you create a bond between you and them. Hopefully this will be as rewarding and fun as I hope.

    So come along with me on my journey from city girl turned Chicken lady.

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  1. Chickenchick11
    Chickens are very rewarding animals! I got six two-week old pullets in the beginning of June 2013, and they're the sweetest things. They will follow me around the yard, and four of them love to be picked up and stroked. I'm getting another hen on Friday and I'm super excited. Good luck to you on your new chicken adventure!
  2. crazyfeathers
    It is an addiction! I started with 5 two years ago and after a little chicken math i come up with 72 no wait i counted wrong maybe its 24 lol!! I love all my chickens, just as you do. I wish you the best of luck, keep them safe.

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