My Complete Chicken Life By Goldensparrow

By GoldenSparrow · Dec 4, 2012 · Updated Dec 10, 2012 · ·
  1. GoldenSparrow
    My Complete Chicken Life! by GoldenSparrow
    My chicken world! everything that comes to mind... My amazing rooster! whom I adore! Life in the chicken world.. and the Happy flock I have :)

    Chickens! the very word "chicken" makes me smile! hundreds of wonderful memories fills my heart... What about you? Chickens = Happiness
    six or seven years ago, if someone had told me, "You will one day have chickens." I would never have believed them.
    Yet here I am, I have had them for years now and love it!

    Meet My Rooster Liberty!
    He is a favorite. Born on the 4the of July in 2011. He is the son of one of the great 3 roosters we had in our first flock.

    Liberty is such a sweet heart. He is so nice. He is good to his hens and protects them from the many hawks we have. He even brought his hens under our front steps to hid from a hawk that had landed on the ground near by once. He is a very good rooster.
    He has never once, bitten, or shown any aggression.. I love him so much!


    Liberty's mother is completely White! his father was green and white. I'm always wondering where the red came from on Liberty. ( Any Ideas?)

    His mother and father:

    Liberty's Father
    passed away this July :(
    He had a serious leg problem that not even the avian vets could figure out what it was.
    He was about 4 or 5 years old. He was the meanest rooster I have ever met. but truth to say, I loved him with every bit of my heart. I am really surprised how nice Liberty is compared to his father...

    Liberty's mother
    (Golden) She is completely white and has green legs, and lays green eggs. She is the toughest hen I have ever met. Very heavy and well built and solid. She is a great layer and lays green eggs. She is completely white and has dark green legs. She was hatched the same time Libertys father was.

    Liberty and his flock.
    [​IMG] I love the sound of a roosters crow! My Liberty is a quite guy. He is the only rooster in our flock now, and hardly ever crows. ( The neighbors must be happy!)

    [​IMG] The 3 hens next to him are his sisters

    Liberty's mother and sister layed these eggs. They Won 1st and 2nd place at our County Fair!


    Chickens, chicks, hens and chocks all that are under our care
    Thank you Lord for giving us these creatures to spoil, love, and share!

    Much more soon to Come!

    I hope you enjoyed my page!
    Here is my member page. Take a look!

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  1. GoldenSparrow
    Thank you all! :)
  2. epeavey1
    I like that name it is a strong name for a handsome rooster. Your lucky he has such a good rooster, I'm always watching my white leg horn he tried to charge me once now I'm ready to grab him. I raised these 8 chicks 2 turned out to be rooster one is a big red mix between a RIR and something else. Ellen from Georgia
  3. jchny2000
    Lovely hens and he is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  4. MorgansManor
    He is such a handsome rooster!
  5. kitmarlowescot2
    Pretty rooster, I was wondering how long did Liberty's father live ? And do you still have his mother. As for his coloring probably came from his mother's EE ancestory they are have such a wide variety of color. And it might have been in his father's background too.
  6. tammyfarms
    He sure is a pretty boy, and I love the name! I always have such a hard time with names.....
  7. Chickenfan4life
    I have to agree with darwinchooks! Awesome name for a rooster! Love him!
  8. Whittni
  9. Mac14
    I love your rooster too! :)
  10. ChickensAreSweet
    Liberty is gorgeous and what a good protector!
  11. lacrego
    He is one handsome boy!!
  12. rocketmail
    He's adorable! I have a rooster that looks almost identical to him!
  13. RangingChicks
    Awww how cute.
  14. Sally Sunshine
    Gorgeous birds!!! Love them!!
  15. GoldenSparrow
    Thanks so much!!!!
    Also, thank you for all the replies as to what breed my birds are, I appreciate it!
  16. Melabella
    Liberty's dad looks just like my Columbian Wyandotte Rooster. Not sure what his mother is, maybe an Ameruacana mix, or an EE? That could perhaps bring in the color to Liberty. No matter what, he sure is beatiful!
  17. ChickenLeg
    His mom seems to be an EE and if his dad comes from the same flock then maybe one of Liberty's grandparents resembled him? or even further down the line... Nice article, congrats on frontpage!
  18. willowbranchfarm
  19. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  20. Nutcase
    What a great name for a rooster! Enjoy your chicken life!

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