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By MissNutmeg · Apr 12, 2017 · ·
  1. MissNutmeg
    Hi Y’all! I thought I’d introduce my flock,



    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Age: Two yrs
    Personality:Sweet, Generous, Protective, and a bit sassy.
    Comments: Alexander is a very docile rooster, but he doesn't exactly enjoy being picked up. It's just heart warming when watching him share his snacks with his hens.


    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Age:Two yrs
    Personality: Docile, Sweet and Loud
    Comments: I named my profile after her. Nutmeg is a very special hen, she loves hanging out on laps. But she can also be a bit jealous. There was a time I picked up another hen and Nutmeg ran right over to me and pecked me on the leg. Love her though.


    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Age:Two yrs
    Personality:Quiet, Skittish, Sassy
    Comments: Buttercup is full of surprises! One second she is shying away from Alexander, the next second she’s pecking him on the head. She is the adventurous one, always keeping Alex on his toes.


    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Age:Two yrs
    Personality:Sassy, Exuberant
    Comments:Twinkie isn’t the most docile hen in the coop, she practically screams when anyone picks her up. She is very sassy, but there might be a little sweet in all that fluff somewhere.

    Golden Flower

    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Age:Two yrs
    Personality: Shy, Sweet
    Comments:I will admit I am a Warrior Cat fan. Her named originated from the books. Golden Flower has a cute flopping comb that looks like a little beret. :D


    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Age:Two yrs
    Personality:Quiet, Sassy
    Aka: Pumpkin
    Comments: Cinnamon is very plump, though she would make a great mother. She has a soft little voice you wouldn’t expect for such a behemoth. It’s really cute!

    (taking a snooze!)

    Breed:Rhode Island Red
    Age:Five yrs
    Personality:Skittish, Cute and Sweet
    Aka: Grandma
    Comments: Ruthy is one remaining out of six RIR hens we had. She is at the bottom of the the pecking order, and Alexander enjoys picking on her the most.

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  1. Abriana
    What a lovely flock Meggy!
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    1. MissNutmeg
      Well thank you! I seriously need to update this article though.
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  2. flowers4me22
    Alexander is handsome and Ruthy reminds me of of our own sweet Penny
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    1. Ducksandchickens
      I have a hen called penny!!
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    2. MissNutmeg
      Aw!! i bet she is coppery colored too?
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    3. Ducksandchickens
  3. blackdust951
    They're all adorable:love
    especially Ruthy :D
      MissNutmeg likes this.
    1. MissNutmeg
      I know!!!! She is one of my very favorites.
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  4. vachick15
    They're adorable! :love I love the name Golden Flower :p
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    1. MissNutmeg
      Hahaha thanks!
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  5. alexa009
    Great flock! I am definitely rating it 5 stars!
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    1. MissNutmeg
      Thank you! :D
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  6. KaylorFarms
    I especially love that red one!!
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  7. KaylorFarms
    Beautiful chickens!
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    1. MissNutmeg
      Thank you!
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  8. MissNutmeg
    I hope to get more chickens soon! :)
  9. chcikenlady
    Awe, I loved meeting your friends, thanks for sharing
  10. Bills vs Beaks
    I'll bet it was fun! I just need some spare time to do it :p
  11. Egg - Static
    so cute! Would love to meet them someday!
  12. TwoCrows
    Very cute!
  13. MissNutmeg
    Thanks. It was fun doing this. :)
  14. Bills vs Beaks
    Nice article! I would like to do one like this about my flock one day :)

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