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By jus1jack · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jus1jack
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]The 7-11 Coop / Run Combo Work[/FONT] In Progress...

    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]After checking out some of the great coop designs here on
    BYC and considering the heat here in Florida I have decided
    to go with an open air two-story style coop run combo...
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][FONT=comic sans ms,sand]This is what I am planning to build. 10'X26'X9' tall, not all coop area just yet[/FONT]. [​IMG]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]

    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][FONT=comic sans ms,sand]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][​IMG][/FONT]

    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand] My Coop Design

    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand] I changed the coop to 7' wide. 8' would have worked,
    it just would have been a little on the tight side
    as there is a shade tree located on the left end...

    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][FONT=comic sans ms,sand] [/FONT] [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]As I remove the lid off this can of worms...[/FONT][/FONT] [​IMG]

    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]I have a good sized area to work with, but it has had a water/drainage problem some 18 years now.[/FONT]
    Go figure it took me getting some chickens to take care of the water problem.
    So my first step is some grading of the yard and elevating the coop area to
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]try & get the summer rain to drain off so my birds will be happy and dry[/FONT]...

    [​IMG] [/FONT][​IMG]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066]The garage "BC" "Before Chickens" I will be adding a roof 10' out X 26' long. The coop will be on the far end. It will get some morning sun[/COLOR][/FONT] [/COLOR][/FONT]
    [CENTER][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066]then & then be nice and shady the rest of the day. I went ahead and put up new soffit and fascia on the garage while I was at it.[/COLOR][/FONT]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066] Side View End View[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][IMG][URL][/URL][/IMG] [IMG][URL][/URL][/IMG][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [CENTER][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066]I have several 4'X10' sheets of Alucobond material that used
    I will be building the coop & the roof over the run area with. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000066] Yes I will be recycling some old 7-11 store panels in the process, will need to paint them.[/COLOR]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000066][CENTER][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066]Construction Start Day One 4/10/09[/COLOR][/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#000066][CENTER][/center][/COLOR][CENTER][/center][/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#000066][CENTER][CENTER][/center][/center][/COLOR][CENTER][CENTER][/center][/center]​

    [COLOR=#000066][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][SIZE=1][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066] I Got a good start on the coop today everything is going as planned. [/COLOR][/FONT]
    [CENTER][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066]I first laid out the floor pan & put a slight slope forward to it for easy cleaning.[/COLOR][/FONT] [/COLOR]
    [CENTER][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][COLOR=#000066]Next I layed out and cut the left & right side walls. Cut the nest box holes and vents, backed vents with hardware cloth and screen.[/COLOR][/FONT]
    [SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066][FONT=comic sans ms,sand][SIZE=1][COLOR=#000066] Side walls and floor done.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]



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