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By Ur-ur-ur-urrr · Sep 5, 2017 · ·
  1. Ur-ur-ur-urrr
    This is my elevated 12' x 16' coop with a 6' x 12' deck (with 3.5' x 4' landing). I built the coop 3.5' off the ground so as to not waste run space, provide shade in the brutal MS summers, and shelter from rain. The deck serves a dual purpose... an observation deck as well as providing shade. The interior is divided into 3 sections. The foyer is 4' x 12', which gives access to the front and rear interior pen doors as well as the nesting boxes. The front section is an 8' x 12' for young birds coming out of the growout pens. The rear section, 4' x 12') currently houses my breeding trio of HRIR. Due to the extremely rainy conditions at the time of build, I didn't use convention building methods... I built the roof first, then the floor and walls.

    20160409_144956.jpg 20160430_134643.jpg 20160430_134842.jpg 20160509_194622.jpg 20160514_102012.jpg 20160514_161817.jpg 20160514_184118.jpg 20160515_193734.jpg 20160517_192947.jpg 20160519_183440.jpg 20160521_161326.jpg 20160521_173941.jpg View attachment 1081784 View attachment 1081791 20160604_151646.jpg 20160605_184122.jpg 20160611_133648.jpg 20160618_125152.jpg 20160625_180538.jpg 20160625_180556.jpg 20160625_181009.jpg 20160625_181039.jpg
    I'll be adding pictures of the finished product as soon as I can locate them and get them uploaded.
    In the meantime, here's a walk-through video of the nearly completed coop.

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  1. Texas Kiki
    I liked watching the video.
    Thanks for sharing!
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