So my coop started out as a greenhouse but greenhouses don't like Oklahoma hail storms. I ended up with more holes in roof then a roof. So with that I put tin on the inside more then half way up the wall and added chicken wire the rest of the way it. I did leave the clear corregated wall on out side and then pained it barn red to match the tin on inside then left the rest clear so the coop has natural light. I put a shingle roof on the building. It's 8'x10'. I added 5 nesting boxes on the left and a roost on the right. I added a storage building 6'x6' for the feed and straw. My run is 12'x8' with a chicken wire enclosed top. And I painted all the run and storage boards red with white trim. I plan on adding another 15'x9' run to the west side between the coop and storage building this coming up spring. I also plan on adding more signs that associates with chickens.
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