I currently have four coops in my backyard. The quarantine coop is the one not pictured.
Homemade Broody Pen: This is where my hens hatch their babies and raise them for the first 2-3 weeks. The small
brick is where the waterer sits. The large brick is the step to get up into the nestbox (the wooden box at the back).
There is corrugated plastic type stuff under the shade cloth to keep out rain.

Grow-out Pen (converted giant guinea pig hutch): The chicks and mum are moved here after the first 2-3 weeks.
The have the whole coop and the run under the verandah to themselves!

Main Coop: This is where my silkies live when they are not raising chicks or I am not selectively breeding them.
They have a large dog kennel to sleep in and a comfy nest box in which to lay their eggs. I use wood shavings
for bedding and the run is covered by shade cloth to keep it cool and too keep out flying predators.
Kennel and Nest Box:

Gateway, Waterer and Feed Bucket: (kennel and nest box are in the right hand corner that is cut off)

Overhead view: (You can see where the broody pen is situated next to the main coop. Also the kennel
in the top right-hand corner and the feed bucket and waterer in bottom left corner. The white blob is Lucy!)