My Crazy Bantams

By localcommotion42 · Jul 3, 2012 · Updated Jul 3, 2012 ·
  1. localcommotion42
    I love my crazy bantams! I have
    1. Nancy - Blue Silkie hen
    2. Cloud - crazy-colored Silkie hen
    3. Colton - Mottled Sizzle
    4. Daffy - White Cochin
    5. Muddy - Black Smooth Sizzle
    6. Puff - Mottled Sizzle
    7. Captian Jack- Frizzled Mottled Cochin rooster (You can learn more about him on his own page. Search "Captian Jack" and it should come up)
    8. Spice - Blue Mottled Smooth Sizzle
    9. Panda - Mottled Cochin

    I don't have alot of bantams right now, but I love all of them! I will post stories as they come. Check out our website:
    Here are some pictures:
    [​IMG]Captian Jack
    [​IMG]Cloud and the Sizzle babies

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