My Crazy Chicken

By HappyHazel · Aug 18, 2012 · ·
  1. HappyHazel
    I have four hens but one of them is really crazy! Her name is Ceci and she is a Silver Speckled Hamburg. These are some of her stories...

    One night when I went out to shut the coop door and Ceci wasn't in the coop. This had never happened to us be for. The girls were always in the coop! I looked around in her usual hiding spots but, finding nothing I went and got my husband and some flashlights. Then the search began! We looked for signs of an attack of some kind... nothing. We looked under plants... nothing. We looked in trees (sometime she finds herself a "better" pace to sleep)... still nothing. I was begging to loose hope and it was getting late. So I went to finally close the coop door. Well I was looking at the rest of my flock, I heard a small noise. I looked up and there she was in the rafters! She had been in the coop the entire time![​IMG]

    For a while Ceci hadn't been laying eggs. Also she would disapear every day. (Other people most likely would have put two and two together.)
    Anyway, one day I was watching her and she walked around the side of my porch. Curious, I followed her. Then, she squeezed under our deck! This suprised me so I looked in after her. That is when I found the missing eggs. I gently pulled them out with a rake but Ceci wasn't happy about that!

    One night we heard a loud noise outside our back door. Two of our hens (Julie and Sunny) were on our back steps all making as much noise as they could. So we carried our girls back to the coop but then found out Ceci wasn't in the coop. We could hear her but couldn't find her!!! Then my husband looked up... She was on the short part of the ROOF. Then a long process ensued including a chair, the tallest member of our family, a rake, a lot of prodding, and some scratch. Finally, we got that stuborn chickens down!

    Ceci may be crazy, but we still love her![​IMG]

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  1. LoveChickens123
    i love your story i read it again!!!!!!! read mine please
  2. LoveChickens123
    i love it so cute
  3. Chickensrule123
    that really funny

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