My Crazy chickens

By cutechick53 · Sep 14, 2013 · ·
  1. cutechick53
    I started wanting chickens last April. Because of laws, we could only have five. I am trying to make it eight and get a rooster. Any way, this my flock.

    I never knew by chicks would grow up so fast!
    They turn into this to soon!

    Production Red

    This little chick was named by my mother.( yes as in the wine) We called her the little "hawk chick" because of her markings

    She got sick and VERY dehydrated when we got her but she is fine now.

    Guiness and Bailey
    Light Brahmas
    These little girlies have been the best. They have been the best and love hopping onto your lap or your arm to eat or just to snuggle.
    Guiness is the white one and Bailey is the black and white one.


    Jameson and Juliet
    Red Sex Links
    My dad named Jameson. I did not name her! Juliet is my favorite hen. She loves anything do do with worms from my garden and dried mealworms. She gets this crazed look in her eyes when I get the treats. Then she practically attacks me to get them. Jameson got attacked by our dog when we were teaching our dog to not eat them. Bad judgement.
    [​IMG] But we nursed her back to health and now she is normal but VERY scared of our dog. She also gets a crazed look in her eyes when I get the mealworms.
    These are them now.


    That is my small flock![​IMG]

    (A couple of months ago, they have gotten bigger)


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  1. familyfarm1
    Awww! such a cute flock!
  2. sdm1908
    They are beautiful birds and you have a lovely little chicken family :)
  3. cutechick53
    Thanks, I was confused cause the guy at the feed store didn't seem that smart when identifying the breeds.
  4. Whittni
    EE stands for "Easter Egger". You could get some really cool colored eggs! Thanks for sharing.
  5. chickenboy190
    Merlowe is a EE . Nice little flock you have

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