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By bananakaygirl · Jul 1, 2012 ·
  1. bananakaygirl
    We have 5 pullets (Ameraucaunas), 5 hens (3 Buffington orps, 2 barred rock).
    We got the pullets as chicks from some of our friends around a month ago.
    We got the hens from some other friends a few weeks ago.
    The Ameraucaunas are really pretty birds. They are sort of fire-y looking, with their yellow, orange, and black feathers. They used to be somewhat indistinguishable from each other as chicks, except for one, which we've been able to tell apart from the others because she looks so much different.
    She's sort of... fuzzier than the others. We named her Sonar because she's also a lot louder .

    Now they've grown up into pullets and I can tell them all apart from each other. :)

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