My dramatic and passionate chickens.

By pasiondelgallo · Dec 10, 2014 · ·
  1. pasiondelgallo
    This is El Gallo, he is in charge of the flock
    he watches over his three hens.
    he has a steamy fling with one of them.
    but the other is his soul mate.

    However, he is not the only rooster. Here he is with the loser roo.

    but the loser roo isn't a total loser. He has a cute little girlfriend. She is a little silkie hen named la tontita.


    and they are a happy little flock of silkies and smooth feathered sizzles. I bought them from Sheri Minker in Lincoln. ( They are about a year and a half now. They are also the stars of my illustrated chicken soap opera. for more: or

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  1. Lilorp14
    those comics are cool! El Gallo and his soul mate remind me of one of my roos with his hen...
  2. ChickyChickens
    Cute!!! I love them!!
  3. youngchooklover
    Very Cute loved it.

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