My easter egger layed her 1st egg

By robinSnest63 · Sep 12, 2017 · ·
  1. robinSnest63
    I have 8 chickens ...6 are now easter egger layed her 1st egg can you tell what one is exciting...loving my chickens

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  1. FifasRanch
  2. Bonniebooboo
    Getting a color variety is just wonderful. I have 9 buff's,2 barred rocks, 4 EE's and 2 California whites. I get more tan eggs and sure do enjoy getting the white eggs and green eggs mixed in. May try to get some Olive eggers and Chocolate egg layers next spring. What a basket that will be.:ya
  3. knwisdom
    That is awesome, congrats. :) I remember my first EE egg too. Its so exciting. My EE chickens are my most reliable layers.
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  4. N F C
    Such a pretty egg, congrats!
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