My son Caleb who is building this coop for me because I am temporarily disabled aptly named the coop, and I let it stick.

This first picture is a shot from last night after he got the framework up for the outside run. Looking good, just need to reinforce in a few spots, and get the wire attached.

Here are several pics from the build of the has taken about 2 months to get it to this point doing only when my son had time after work and on weekends...What a great kid!!! :)

These next ones are of interior pics. First is the laying boxes, 2nd is the new feeder box, 3rd is how we re-purposed the old store bought mini coop as the brooder inside the new coop. We have 24 new hens that arrived Friday ad are currently living inside a box in our rec room until they will be old enough to make the transition to the ouside coop. The last one is a collage of pics of the chickens and coop.

This last pic is of the new baby chicks we recived on the 4th. Only one did no make it thru the first night.

We are using crushed corn cob for on the floor, and pine shavings in the laying boxes. I currently have two 1-year roos and 3 hens. I get two to three eggs a day.

We will be adding windows I the spring for better ventilation, and I am hoping to make the run a deep mulch type run as has been posted here...but that will likely take a bit to get going fully.

Many of our ideas have come from posts on this forum...I really appreciate BYC for keeping this going!

Frank Johnson
Evansville, IN