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By HobbyChic · May 24, 2014 · ·
  1. HobbyChic
    I'm new at this.....Bought 10 3or4 week olds,straight run(?) cross between Amercauan and Cocklin (spelling correctly?) Really adorable with the feathers on feet.
    Now their 8 weeks old and living in my garage because chicken coop is not secure yet... couple more days. I'm pretty sure what sex some are but verdict is still out on
    others. Probably my pets will be the roosters. Maybe have 2 or 3. Is there an easy way to tell other then I'm guessing by the comb? Anyway, this has not been a cheap
    venture so far......even though the coop was already on property. Never thought chickens could eat so much growing up.

    These better be golden eggs. I now have 10 more children to raise


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  1. cavemanrich
    Your chicken food bill will drive you to the poor house. Eggs in the store are cheap. But having your own eggs is priceless. I have 7 chickens, but only 2 lay regularly and one maybe once a week or less. The rest are seniors that have gone on strike. But the companionship I enjoy feeding my girls is priceless, even though I'm one foot in the poorhouse.
  2. PeckPeckChick
    I suggest only having 1 rooster because they might fight with the others
  3. Mountain Peeps
  4. ChemicalchiCkns
    Ameraucana and Cochin.

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