My Fair Winners

By Outlawfarms · Jun 5, 2012 ·
  1. Outlawfarms
    I have only showed chicken for the first time last year at the Putnam County Fair. Showing a pair of mottle bantam Cochins and a Serama roo. My black mottled pair both place first and my hen from the pair recieved best female bantam. My Serama got second. This year my mother and I both showed birds at the putnam fair My mother showed a pair of Millie d'Uccles , a pair of dutch and a Standard Polish hen, Bring home 3 blues, 2 reds and best female standard. I took the pair of black mottled cochins from the first time as well as a pair of Black / Blue mottled and the little Serama in my avatar pic. Bring home 5 blues , best female bantam as well as best in show. this was my second time and my mother's first .
    We then desided to do the Clay county fair. mom took a gray jap roo , a blue laced red bantam wayndotte hen , and a pair of bantam hamburgers bring home 3 blues and a red. I showed two pairs fo seramas bring home 2 blues and 2 reds. My son showed a blue and a black crested swedish hens getting 2 redas in youth water fowl. My daughter showed a pair of standard Turkins getting 2 reds for youth standard fowl.
    The fairs where fun we are planing a few more this year so maybe we well see some of you there!

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